Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

motor satria

motor satria this high-powered motor sport to be variants Yamaha in the 225 cc class. In the Indonesian market, Scorpio Z has almost no competition from another motor manufacturer. Speed ​​and strength and a very muscular body becomes the main selling points of Scorpio Z. With a capacity of 233 cc engine, the motor is very robust in various fields. For long trips, tranquility and makes the motor mount mantab cherry country of origin is the best choice. modifikasi satria fu

On the streets, many who call that Yamaha Scorpio Z is RX King in packaging machine 4 stroke. Therefore, many also mention that this big-boned motor sport worthy of being king of the road. Speed ​​and strength was amazing. Maximum speed can reach 170 km / h. Above a straight track, the maximum speed that can be reached in just 8 seconds. Motor sport other manufacturers on average can only reach speeds of 150 km / h. In the long trips, riders also do not have to worry about this motor will heat faster. In the latest Scorpio output, Yamaha already equip the engine cooling system with high technology. This makes these motors can run with a long duration without worrying about fast motor heat.

Of the two previous versions, the latest version of the Scorpio Z undergo significant changes. The changes are primarily located in parts of the body. Display muscular body and striping the main characteristic in the latest version of the Scorpio Z. Stocky appearance that makes the price of Yamaha Scorpio Z is higher than the previous generation. The award for Scorpio Z also appears to be the added value of the motor sport. For information, in 2009, the motor is never awarded the best handling motorcycles in the 200-250 cc class. This made the fans believe that even designed with a large size and strong, the rider will easily control the motor of this one. gambar satria fu